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 Bobba Hotel™ Brings You Cool Features. Including A Bobba Radio Station, Jaw-Dropping Events, Friendly Staff And Lots More To Come!
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Welcome To Bobba Hotel™
Check In! Go To HotelV5 : Enter Hotel There!
Bobba Hotel Rares!
       Pirate Day!
Get In Your Finest Pirate Outfit. Get ArrRR Down with Your Buddies. That's not All, Our Staff Will Be Meeting You At The
Info Bus And Will Be Giving Out Prizes To The Top (3) Bobbas With The Best Outfits: 1st Prize:  Habbo Staff [ Mod ] And 20 Super Rares, 2nd Prize: 15 Super Rares and a Hobba Badge. 3rd Prize: 5 Super Rares and A Habbox Badge


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                              Welcome To Bobba Hotel™

  Welcome To Bobba Hotel™- A Virtual Hotel Where You Can Hangout And Make New Friends, Create A Personalized Character Then Chat in One Of Our Many Public Rooms Or Make Your Own Guest Room. Bobba Hotel™ Isn't Just Another Retro Hotel We Keep You Entertained, Excited and "Hungry For More" We offer You Many Interesting Features with Different Varieties. Including a Rare Spread Out Sheet, A Radio Station, A Online Hotel, Cool Events, Prizes & More                                                                                   

The Hotel™- The Bobba Hotel™ Is Managed By Typos, And Reshana And Is Rapidly Growing In Population. Why Not Join? You'll Regret It If You Don't Join!

Top Sites™- Vote Us To Be The Number One "Retro Hotel" Vote Us Into 3rd Space Category Or Maybe We Will Hit The Big Number One!

  Terms & Conditions™- At Bobba Hotel You Have No Right To disrespect Or Dichromate Other Bobbas, If There Are Results Where There Are Many Cases Of Reports About  Bobbas Harassing Another Bobba Or Any Bad Situation  Will Be Banned Permanently!

Rare Values™- We Have Created Our Own Rare Spread Sheet To Keep You Updated With The Rare Changes In Cost: Both Decreased Rares And Increased Rares.





  Dream Weaver Productions™