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 Bobba Hotel™ Brings You Cool Features. Including A Bobba Radio Station, Jaw-Dropping Events, Friendly Staff And Lots More To Come!
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Welcome To Bobba Hotel™
Check In!
Bobba Hotel Rares!
       Pirate Day!
Get In Your Finest Pirate Outfit. Get ArrRR Down with Your Buddies. That's not All, Our Staff Will Be Meeting You At The
Info Bus And Will Be Giving Out Prizes To The Top (3) Bobbas With The Best Outfits: 1st Prize:  Habbo Staff [ Mod ] And 20 Super Rares, 2nd Prize: 15 Super Rares and a Hobba Badge. 3rd Prize: 5 Super Rares and A Habbox Badge


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Bobba Hotel™ News!

Room Of The Week®Room Of The Week™- Every Week We Review A Room Located In The Hotel That Has Bring Qualities and A Creative Step. Bobba Name: Prize: 15 Super Rares And A Gold Badge!

Tips & TricksTips And Tricks™- Here You Can Find Useful and Helpful Tips and BeCome A More Intelligent Bobba

Council Drive Thrucouncil- Bobba Hotel is Welcoming You To Our Council Drive Tru, Need Any Help Or Got a Problem..Well Come on' The Council Is Open 24/7 (Click For Details)

TOS Bobba AgreementsBy Entering The Bobba Hotel™ You Agree Are Part Of The Community And If Any There Are Any Problems Faced With The Real Habbo Commpany You Will Be Part of The Situation.. Read More!

Apply For A Job Now! Its Like a Limited Eddition Click Here To Apply!


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