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 Bobba Hotel™ Brings You Cool Features. Including A Bobba Radio Station, Jaw-Dropping Events, Friendly Staff And Lots More To Come!
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Welcome To Bobba Hotel™
Check In!
Bobba Hotel Rares!
       Pirate Day!
Get In Your Finest Pirate Outfit. Get ArrRR Down with Your Buddies. That's not All, Our Staff Will Be Meeting You At The
Info Bus And Will Be Giving Out Prizes To The Top (3) Bobbas With The Best Outfits: 1st Prize:  Habbo Staff [ Mod ] And 20 Super Rares, 2nd Prize: 15 Super Rares and a Hobba Badge. 3rd Prize: 5 Super Rares and A Habbox Badge


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Bobba Hotel Rares™


Need a pice of furni off your friend? And there charging you the bomb for it. This is the new way to find out if its a safe trade! All major rares will be listed below with there correct value!

62cs          3.8cs         1.5cs          1cs

12cs         3.2cs         1.5cs          1cs

9cs           4cs           1.3cs           1cs

8.5cs        2cs          1.25cs       1cs

  8cs          2cs           1.2cs         1cs

5.5cs        2cs           1.2cs         1cs

5cs           2cs           1.2cs        1cs

4.5cs        2cs            1cs           1cs

4.5cs         2cs           1cs           1cs

4cs             1.8cs         1cs             1cs

  1.5cs        1.5cs        1cs          1cs

1cs            1cs             1cs         1cs

1cs             1cs             0.9cs       0.9cs

More Rares and Their Vaules Coming Soon..Keep Coming Back Cause You Never Know!


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